Back to Real Food

Is anyone as relieved as me to return to routine after the holidays? Maybe a boring routine, but mentally and physically my body begs it. Don’t get me wrong, I adore holidays and the special foods and excitement that follow. I love hanging out with family and am blessed to be surrounded by truly good people. But when it officially comes to an end, I secretly exhale sighs of relief. My belly especially looks forward to leaving behind the rich starchy meals and sweet treats that become almost obligatory to eat.

After you’ve had your fill of favorite holiday foods, take time to listen to your body. Maybe you’ve overdone it, gained a few pounds and feel a little disgusted. Maybe you’re planning on starting a liquid cleanse or 21-day fix. There’s no need to go to extremes. Your body is actually pretty resilient. Be kind and just get back to eating real food. Not too much, not too little. I made this bowl of food earlier in the week and have never been more thankful.

ECED8A2E-9E1E-4C6F-A506-D36E45219BA0Sautéed tofu with olive oil, liquid aminos, hoisin sauce, a little brown sugar. Steamed beets. Sautéed beet tops and kale. Mung bean noodles from the Asian market (visit one of these markets if you can—they sell a wide variety of unusual, cheap and quick-cooking noodles that are more delicate tasting than classic spaghetti). Everything came together in 15 minutes (the beets take longest to cook) and tasted just as good if not better as leftovers days 2 and 3!

55707028-2941-4948-83B5-F0F06029BC8CI hope you’ve gotten a great start to 2018! Here’s to practicing kindness to our body, feeding it well, and truly enjoying what we eat.


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