A 30-Minute Toning Workout

Do you have days when you really don’t feel like your usual HIIT or intense cardio workout, but your body still craves some movement? Maybe you don’t want to drag out the gear of sneakers, a mat and weights, but know that doing nothing would probably feel worse.

If so, try this exercise combo—three videos about 10 minutes each that work your arms, abs/core, and lower body. It’s not heart-pumping or heavy muscle work, but you’ll feel the intensity of small targeted repetitive movements. Holding 2-3 lb dumbbells or wearing wrist weights works well with these videos if you need a little extra. It’s 98% low-impact, which is perfect if you want a quieter workout that won’t disturb others. Other pluses are that you only need a tiny amount of space (about a 4-foot square) and they are standing-only, so no mat required. It’s a lighter workout but nice change of pace from your usual exercise routine that your body will appreciate!

First up is an arm workout by Lauren Hefez, a fellow Bostonian who has been teaching classes and creating exercise videos for the past decade:

The 2nd workout is abs/core from quarantine favorite Heather Robertson:

Lastly is a barre workout to isolate the leg muscles; use a countertop or high-backed chair for balance if needed:

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